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Installing Flare and Yoast



Installing Flare and Yoast

When working with WordPress, there’s two essential tools you’ll want to have from the start. In this guide, we’ll take you through installing Flare and Yoast for your WordPress site.

If you’re not this far yet, be sure to look over Installing Divi.


It’s time we walk you through installing plugins on your WordPress site. One of the great benefits of using WordPress is that doing so is such an easy process. Two of the most useful plugins, Flare and Yoast, are simple to setup and will serve to demonstrate how to install and configure a plugin. We recommend following along to get these plugins yourself in the process.


For either plugin, you’ll have to go to the built-in plugin store. You can access it right from your WordPress dashboard. Just hover over Plugins in the left-hand sidebar and then click Add New. This will take you to a page with featured plugins, the ability to upload a plugin, and a search bar.


The built-in plugin store where you can go about installing Flare and Yoast

The built-in plugin store where you can go about installing Flare and Yoast



Flare is a social media sidebar that looks great and increases your ability to reach out to your customers


For Flare, just type “flare” in the search bar. The first result, Flare by dtelepathy, is what you want. Simply click Install Now and the plugin will install. Once it has, click Activate Plugin and you’ll be ready to configure your new tool. A Flare tab will now appear toward the bottom of your WordPress sidebar.


Once you’ve clicked the Flare tab on your sidebar, you’ll see options for configuring it. Most configurations will work well so take a look and pick what you prefer. Just be sure to add your social media accounts and save your changes. If you don’t have social media accounts setup yet, have a look at our other guide for tools to check name availability.


Some of the social media settings in Flare

Some of the social media settings in Flare



Yoast is search engine optimization (SEO) made simple. Search “yoast” and install WordPress SEO by Yoast. Follow the same process to activate the plugin. Now when you create a new page or post in WordPress, a Yoast box will appear. Note that it appears at the top for a page and the bottom for a post.

Here you can enter a Focus Keyword and Meta description, which is what will appear as the description for the page in a Google search result. Yoast will check that your Focus Keyword appears enough in the copy that you write. To check the effectiveness of your SEO, look on the right under Publish for a quick status or you can get a more detailed analysis on the Yoast Page Analysis tab, which gives specific feedback. This includes an analysis of your copy, assessment of images, and your keyword frequency. Adjust your content accordingly to achieve the best SEO rating but don’t be afraid to go with your instincts on some things; Yoast is just an automated tool after all. The other Yoast tabs can be useful so we recommend taking a look at them but you’ll end up using the first two tabs the most. Yoast will also add an SEO tab in your WordPress sidebar so take a look to familiarize yourself with those settings as well.


After installing Yoast, this box should appear when creating pages and posts

After installing Yoast, this box should appear when creating pages and posts


By following this process, you can easily install a wide variety of plugins that will help you with anything a growing business could need. Notice that Yoast is a tool to help you while Flare interacts with your audience. WordPress has plugins that operate on both the front end and the back end to give you more control over your site. As we move forward we’ll cover more plugins of both types. If you’d like to be notified about plugin suggestions and more tutorial lessons, sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar.


Now that you’re finished here, you can move on to How to optimize your website images for SEO.


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