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Sales Wrangler is for managers of EXISTING sales teams to apply Lean Principles to their team

Sales Wrangler is our premier Lean Sales Management course. It is broken down into easy to complete two week courses with step-by-step guides.

Each course also includes worksheets, tools, and reports that will save you hours of time while making you look like a rockstar.

Some courses are free, and some tools are free with registration. If you Join Growth Heroes, you get full access to all the materials. We also help our pro users create a custom plan of which modules to take based on their goals.While you are a pro member you will even get to vote on what courses should be created next.

Get Everyone on the Bus

This section of courses MUST BE taken first in order to get the most value out of Sales Wrangler. Asking your team to do new work without first clearing a path, setting the foundation and earning buy-in can be a major waste of time.

Motivate & Inspire

  • Money isn’t a Motivator
  • Sales Gamification
  • Growing Experts

Automate Sales Activities

People waste a lot of time doing things manually that computers can do better. This section covers ways to use automation to keep your resources focused on closing sales and growing relationships.

  • Templates & Email Scheduling
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Establishing the Right Metrics

Target High-Value Prospects & Clients

  • Lead Scoring
  • Leveraging Client Loyalty
  • Understanding Client Personas

Define What Works

  • Objection Lists
  • Decision Maker Paths
  • A/B Testing Your Sales Strategy
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