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Before we get started

This entire course is focused around the core belief that in order for your sales reps to perform their best they must:

  • Feel in control of the sales process
  • Be inspired & motivated to exceed beyond “good enough”
  • Be empowered to focus on high value work
  • Believe in their team and leader (that’s you!)

Because of this the exercises in this course are not for you to perform on your own and then inform the team of a new policy, strategy, etc. It is for you to have your team work on improving the process with you and have ownership over making the team better.

You are a TEAM MEMBER, not a facilitator

The success of Sales Wrangler is also dependent on transparent conversations. To do so you need to not be the teacher at the front of the room pulling teeth to get answers. You need to be an equal member in the conversation. To make this happen, you will notice Sales Wrangler has team members rotate through taking ownership of each course instead of you being the owner, boss, dictator, etc. Over time this will also avoid you hearing easy, safe answers that your team thinks you want to hear and open a much richer dialogue.

Proven methods, executed quickly

Throughout this course we pull from Kanban, Kaizen, Lean, Agile and other proven methods to get things done quickly. Each section of the course can be considered a two-week sprint where in week one you are doing the initial work with the team, and in week two you are launching the implementation of that project/course. This speed and cadence ensures that we build on top of last week’s success and that your team (and boss) sees immediate benefits from Sales Wrangler.

We hope you enjoy Sales Wrangler!


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