What is Digital Transformation?

A Definition by Salesforce

“Every digital transformation is going to begin and end with the customer,
and I can see that in the minds of every CEO I talk to.”

– Marc Benioff, Chairman & Co-CEO

Digital transformation is, by definition, the “process of using digital technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.”

Still not sure what that means? Salesforce discusses the basics of digital transformation in this lead-up to their 3-part exploration of the benefits of DT, examples of success with DT, and how you can digitally transform your business.

– Salesforce explains the differences between:

  • Digitization- the move from analog to digital
  • Digitalization – using digital data to simplify how you work
  • Digital Transformation – changing the way business gets done, adding value to every customer interaction

But it’s important to first understand what’s possible with digital transformation. A huge component of that is understanding your technology’s potential. It’s making the most of your technology investments by adapting your business and processes to make better use of your technology.

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