How to Digitally Transform Your Business

Salesforce Article Series, Chapter 3

“A digital transformation is a complete business transformation.”

Ready to digitally transform your business? In the final chapter of this article series, Salesforce examines the signs that indicate a business needs a digital transformation, common mistakes to avoid in your digital transformation framework, and, perhaps most importantly, why partnering with an external group to help you through your digital transformation can be so beneficial.

Signs you might need a digital transformation:

  • Referrals aren’t coming in like they used to
  • Repeat business isn’t repeating like it used to
  • Proven promotions are no longer generating leads
  • Teams feel as though they’re operating in silos, without collaboration
  • Your technology system feels old

If you’re seeing red flags, what should you do? Craft a digital transformation strategy.

  • Conduct an internal assessment to identify problems, gaps, and areas where you may experience difficulties.
  • Flexibility and agility as your business evolves should be built into your strategy
  • Consider outside help in mapping out your digital transformation strategy
  • Get employees involved in the process early on and solicit ideas; this helps you get better buy-in and a better outcome.
  • Focus on getting the capabilities you need now in a way that can scale as your business grows.
  • Build bridges between fragmented info to connect your data, employees, and customers.