Managing OSS/BSS Transformation at a Mid-Tier Telco

Passionate About OSS Podcast

From the beginning of Steven’s career as a cruise ship musician (yes, he got paid to travel the world!) to his growth into his latest role as Salesforce Consultant at Growth Heroes, he has always demonstrated a nature curiosity and desire to learn more about whatever he’s doing. That passion for learning has helped him greatly throughout his career and has opened quite a few doors that might have remained closed had he not stepped up.

In this edition of the Passionate About OSS podcast, Steven highlights his various roles at Smithville, from a Technical Support Analyst to Director of Information Systems and Business Analytics, and several tidbits he learned along the way. As he entered new roles at Smithville, Steven found he’d sometimes experience paralysis by over-analysis; but along the way he learned very quickly how to dive in and get the job done. Always focused on prioritizing those things that either increase revenue or enhance the customer experience, he focused on a technique affectionately termed “Cut it off and kill it.” Not sure where to start or how to prioritize? If you’re able to fairly easily sever the task and get it accomplished, do so. Small wins add up to a large victory in the end.

Listen to the entire podcast for Steven’s career story and what he learned from being willing to fill the technical vacuum at Smithville, and how that brought him to where he is today at Growth Heroes.

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