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Growth Heroes' Continuous Learning Retreat 2021

AKA What We Did from June 23 - 25

Anyone who has worked with Growth Heroes knows and appreciates that an integral part of our company culture is Mastery. For us this means we:

  • Master the tools we use to serve our clients every day
  • Hunger for ongoing learning in our areas of responsibility
  • Exhibit curiosity in all projects and in interactions with customers and colleagues

From June 23rd to 25th, the Growth Heroes team took a break from client work to focus on continuous learning. We missed our clients during that time, but what a great three days it was! From attending TrailheaDX on Wednesday to project work and certification study on Thursday and Friday, it was a great time for further honing the skills we already possess, as well as expanding our skills in new and exciting areas.

Salesforce held its virtual TrailheaDX on Wednesday, June 23rd, and the entire Growth Heroes team attended sessions that day. Between all of our team members, we participated in over 90 sessions throughout the day!   

On June 24th, we turned our attention to projects we’ve been interested in diving into and learning more about but just haven’t had the time. Jim, Steven and Chance jumped into trying the new External Services to connect to QuickBooks Online, while Deanna expanded her knowledge of graphic design with a Udemy course. Steven and Matt learned more about VS Code and CLI, and Chance also dove into Git and Gearset automation. Ryan used his time to dig into better understanding flow and LWC in Communities. Carissa worked with Jim and Deanna to define Growth Heroes’ Partner Program strategy and identify next steps in that strategy. We all came back together at the end of the day to discuss what we’d learned and how we could utilize that knowledge to better serve our clients.

June 25th was dedicated to each team member focusing on earning Salesforce Trailhead badges or studying for Salesforce certifications. While Ryan, Matt, Chance and Deanna all studied for their upcoming certifications, Steven was busy passing his Sharing and Visibility Designer cert exam. Congrats, Steven, on your 6th certification!

Matt also earned a Trailhead Superbadge for Process Automation Specialist (include badge image here) – great job, Matt! 

Jim and Carissa used part of Friday to do the Cultivate Equality at Work trailhead – way to go! The team as a whole also focused on earning additional Trailhead badges during this time.

While the idea of taking three days off from client needs to focus on continuous learning and teambuilding might have some managers (and clients!) twitching with anxiety, the leadership at Growth Heroes has always believed that a continued investment in our employees is well worth it, and so do our clients. Not only do we have employees that are the masters of their tools and stay up to date on the latest in Salesforce, but we increase our value to our clients and help to ensure we’re designing the best possible solutions to help them scale quickly and grow earnings.