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Growth Heroes' Trailhead Day 2021: Winter Edition

December 3rd was a day of continued learning as we picked up from where we last left off in the summer

Anyone who has worked with Growth Heroes knows and appreciates that an integral part of our company culture is Mastery. For us, this means we:

    • Master the tools we use to serve our clients every day
    • Hunger for ongoing learning in our areas of responsibility
    • Exhibit curiosity in all projects and interactions with customers and colleagues

On December 3rd, the Growth Heroes team took a break from client work to focus on continuous learning. We missed our clients during that time, but we had a fun day! It was a great time for further honing the skills we already possess, as well as expanding our skills in new and exciting areas.

We decided to pick up where we left off from our previous Trailhead Day in late June and continued to build our skillsets in projects we’ve started expanding our knowledge on while taking the opportunity to explore other areas of interest.

At midday, we all checked in on each other’s progress, discussed what we learned, helped each other level up, and troubleshot any roadblocks.


Here is what the team accomplished:


We were proud of everyone for the progress that they had made and for their commitment to growth and mastery. We plan on keeping up that momentum!

While the idea of taking time off from clients to focus on continuous learning and team building might have some managers (and clients!) twitching with anxiety, the leadership at Growth Heroes has always believed that continued investment in our employees is well worth it, and so do our clients. We create a sense of togetherness and support that is a core part of our culture here at Growth Heroes. Not only do we have employees that are masters of their tools and stay up to date on the latest in Salesforce, but we increase our value to our clients and help to ensure we’re designing the best possible solutions to help them scale quickly and grow earnings.