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Growth Heroes' Trailhead Day 2022: Fall Edition

On October 28th, we held our most recent Trailhead Day, focusing on study guides and modules that helped us achieve our core value of mastery and delivering excellent service to our clients.

Continuing education and skill development are essential to the Growth Heroes team members. Taking a whole day to focus solely on growing our skill sets allows us to feel confident in our work and the services we provide. Every quarter, we look forward to training days as we continue to improve our skills!

Here’s a recap of what our team was able to accomplish with this training day:

  • Jim spent the day preparing for his next certification, Platform Developer I! He completed a study guide and a practice exam to build his test-taking confidence. We can’t wait for him to ace the test and add this certification to his credentials.
  • Carissa dedicated her day to preparing for her Platform App Builder certification. She was able to complete a practice test and is now ready to take on her certification exam! We’re so looking forward to Carissa completing her next exam successfully.
  • Ryan was laser-focused on his preparations for an exam on Experience Cloud. He was studying all day and crushing his practice exams. In just a short time, he should be able to add an Experience Cloud certification to his skillset.
  • Matt was on a roll today! He was able to complete a Service Cloud study guide and practice exam before he finished off a field service lightning mix. It was a very impressive and productive day for Matt!
  • Chance started his day off doing some Experience Cloud test prep work. Then he dove into some trailheads, earning himself 8 new badges and over 3,000 points! Chance is well on his way to achieving his next certification soon!
  • Scott impressed us all by earning his 4-star ranger badge! He blazed through the trails with 19 new badges and over 11,000 points earned in a single day. Scott has been a great addition to the team, and we’re cheering him on as he grows his skills and earns new certifications!
  • Phylicia is gearing up for her Pardot specialist certification exam, as she completed a series of trailheads to help her prepare. She was able to earn three new badges and over 600 points! Great work, Phylicia!
  • Amanda started on a new super badge, helping her become more comfortable with the ins and outs of admin tasks and customizations. She was able to add five new badges and over 2,000 points to her profile! Keep blazing your administrative trail, Amanda.

The Growth Heroes team remains dedicated to continuing to hone its skills and is always on the lookout for new skills and certifications. I can’t wait to see all the new certifications roll in throughout the rest of this year!