Control Code Quality for Teams:

Salesforce Way Podcast

At Growth Heroes, we’re fanatical about ensuring we deliver a clean and scalable codebase for our clients’ enterprises to grow. In this podcast, Jim pulls from his DX’19 presentation “Easy Clean Code” to discuss:

– What tools to select 

  • Visual Studio Code, Prettier, Codacy, and more

– How to build Continuous Integration (CI) 

  • Template, template, template!
  • GitLab with built-in CI makes it easy to get CI up and running
  • Be sure to check out the Salesforce tutorial if you’re considering CircleCI (we link to it from GitHub)

– Tips to seamlessly integrate the tools into the CI and make sure it works for each and every single team member

If you’d like to view Jim’s DX’19 talk, check it out at our GrowthHeroes GitHub.