Landing Salesforce Jobs: A CEO's Thoughts

Tech-Ology w/Josh Cruz Podcast

Breaking into the Salesforce ecosystem can be intimidating, even if you have a couple certs under your belt. For those just starting out, Jim has the following suggestions:

  • Check out your local Salesforce Pathfinder program: these programs are designed to help you break into the Salesforce job landscape and achieve your first certification.
  • Get your first certification: Often getting an Admin cert will be a good foot in the door.
  • Often it can be easiest to break into the Salesforce landscape by looking for jobs within a large company where you’ll get further training.
  • You shouldn’t necessarily go for a job with “Salesforce” in the title: check out those ancillary jobs (sales ops, rev ops, Junior Dev) that will involve working within Salesforce to beef up your expertise and resumé.
What advice would Jim give his younger self for job searches in the Salesforce ecosystem?
  • Scale up on the certifications and sample work: certs are critical when interviewing with a consultancy.
  • Highlight your ability to communicate well.
  • Demonstrate your analytical skills with thoughtful questions during the interview.
  • Cast a wide net during your job search: Discord, LinkedIn, Salesforce recruiting groups are all good resources.
Jim’s golden nugget: If you’re working in a smaller consultancy like Growth Heroes, it’s important to understand business process and strategy, as well as the technical side of Salesforce. Being able to view the customer’s business holistically and understand the flow from lead generation to finance, and how to enhance that flow with Salesforce tools, makes you a more valuable consultant.
Listen in to learn more about what Jim looks for on resumés and during interviews, and additional tips for acing your interview.