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We Get It...

Digital transformation can be a nebulous concept. But nothing about your business should be.

Whether you want to…

  • establish a single source of truth that provides a 360 degree view
    of your customer and business, with a central dashboard,
  • streamline your financial processes and sync them to your CRM,
  • gain more quality leads through automating marketing efforts,
  • track your sales pipeline more efficiently,
  • monitor and manage field service more effectively, or
  • automate recurring revenue for your SaaS business,

…it all transforms the way you do business. It puts more data and insights at your fingertips. Confidence that every invoice is penny accurate. Assurance that your marketing is on-brand and on-point, in the right hands at the right time. Peace of mind knowing that you have the data you need to make the critical decisions. It’s your business transformed…digitally. 

That’s Digital Transformation. That’s what we do…

Driving Profits with Salesforce Since 2003

We’re not your typical Salesforce shop. We don’t just implement how you want to run your business. Instead, we typically partner with companies to help them transform the way their businesses work – all with the end goal of increasing profits. Only then do we match Salesforce and other systems to that new way of doing business.

No two clients are alike, but our typical engagements include:

  • the creation of new strategy documents
  • new business process workflows and working sessions with the CEO, CIO, CRO, and CMO


Target, Segment and Automate Marketing With Ease

While Drucker never actually said “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed,” it’s a fact that Marketing tends to suffer from a lack of good data. 

Good data provides insights into prospects that enables you to deliver the right messaging to the right personas at the right point in their customer journey. Our Sales & Marketing Quickstart will help you define all these things from scratch, or we can help you leverage Marketing Automation tools like Pardot and build out drip campaigns.


  • Easily target, segment and track ROI
  • Easily track in Salesforce where every opportunity originated

Increase Sales Per Rep With Higher Conversion Rates

The right CRM implementation focuses on adding insights and automation to the sales process. Enabling sales reps to send the right message at the right time, understand their prospects better, and see who is engaging with the brand helps them embrace the new tool vs. rejecting it.


  • Better forecasting
  • Increased revenue per rep
  • Standardized sales process

Boost Your Services Engine With Scheduling, Monitoring, & Going Paperless

Field technicians and office workers need to hit billable targets every day to boost profitability. Office workers might need just a simple Project Management and invoicing solution like or TaskRay. But larger companies and field workers benefit greatly from Service Cloud and solutions that enable forecasting, talent/work matching, travel tracking, parts usage, and asset tracking…all rolled up in one.


  • See your Work in Progress on a single dashboard
  • View per-division and per-worker efficiency and billing
  • Replace paper with iPads tied directly into your ERP

Keep Customers Happy and Reduce Response Times

Whether you have committed Service Level Agreements or standard customer support, it’s critical to catch every customer request. Support is also “Retention Central,” and we all know it’s easier to keep a client happy than to get a new one. Larger teams will benefit from tools like Service Cloud, knowledge bases, and customer portals. 


  • Reduce response times from days to hours
  • Provide a guaranteed same-day response
  • Confidence knowing every customer request is captured

Back Office Bliss With Automated Sales Tax & Two-Way Accounting Integrations

Closing the loop between Accounting and Sales has a profound effect on companies. Sales reps can see up-to-date purchase history, payment statuses, and commission reports inside Accounting can generate accurate invoices, complete with sales tax information, that auto-remit state payments and sync into your accounting platform. Everything from QuickBooks Online to Netsuite can be integrated with, or you can run all your accounting inside the CRM with FinancialForce or Accounting Seed. Either way, we have you covered.


  • Transparency for sales reps, from time of purchase through commission pay-out
  • Penny accurate invoicing with sales tax information and auto-remitted state payments 

Easy Automated Recurring Revenue in

Out of the box,’s Sales Cloud doesn’t support recurring revenue, ARR, MRR, or any SaaS necessities. So we created Sales2Cash, making it a breeze to create Opportunities for recurring revenue and automatically generate Contracts, Invoices, and Revenue Recognition.


  • Supports One-time, Monthly, and Annual fees to easily cover products like Setup fees, SLAs, and Users
  • Automatically generates invoices a selectable number of days in advance
  • Can sync your invoices to Quickbooks Online, if desired

Business Processes We Have Optimized Include:

  • Inventory Management System with cost averaging and multiple locations
  • Order & Purchase Order systems that intelligently reserve stock or order new
  • Work Orders with time tracking, inventory usage, and invoice creation
  • Account purchase history by product group/family for cross-sell intelligence
  • Bid Buy Sell processes for manufacturer reps
  • Field technician paperwork replacement with iOS
  • Fleet maintenance management
  • SaaS recurring revenue scheduling and forecasting
  • Sales processes with quoting and commission tracking
  • Internal and External Case Management with response time tracking

Salesforce Integration Experience

We’ve built many custom integrations as well as using off-the-shelf solutions, including integration platforms like Talend or Mulesoft. Whether you need a Salesforce-hosted direct integration, a hosted integration platform, or on-site solution, we’ve done them all, including:

  • SAP
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Avatax Sales Tax platform
  • iOS app via the React Native Mobile SDK
  • Eventbrite, including all ticketing and event information
  • Email solutions including Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and HubSpot
  • In house .Net and SQL databases syncing one or
    both ways with Salesforce
  • WordPress websites (for dynamically updating the
    website content)
  • Online form platforms like Formstack and Form Assembly