Mastery in Action: Recap of Our Q4 Trailhead Day Achievements

Trailhead Training Day

Cassidy Belk
Digital Marketing Strategist

Zoom screenshot of 10 people smiling in trailblazer hoodies
The Growth Heroes team celebrated with a happy hour after a day of learning.

This quarter, we held our most recent Trailhead Day, focusing on study guides and modules that helped us achieve our core value of mastery and delivering excellent service to our clients.

To put our core value of mastery into practice, we host quarterly Trailhead Days: an entire day dedicated to excellence, learning, and mastering our craft. For our Q4 Trailhead Day, most team members focused on maintaining or studying for Salesforce certifications.

What We Accomplished

During Trailhead Day, our team earned: 

  • 13,775 Trailhead Points.
  • 18 Badges.
  • 80 Learning Hours.
Graphic that shows 13,775 trailhead points earned
Graphic that shows 18 trailhead badges earned
Graphic that shows 80 learning hours logged

Each team member creates and follows their independent learning plan based on their interests and skill sets. 

  • After performing maintenance for two of her existing certifications, Amanda studied for the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification exam. 
  • To brush up on her SEO knowledge and prepare for client site optimization in the coming months, Bethany completed Yoast SEO training. 
  • Cassidy is excited for her first Salesforce Certification exam, so she studied for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist.
  • Beyond completing maintenance for her existing certification, Carissa prepared for her next exam — Sales Cloud Consultant. 
  • Chance tackled eight badges while learning about Lightning Web Components, Web Accessibility, and more.
  • After completing maintenance for four of his certifications, Jim passed a practice test for his next cert — Integration Architect.
  • Matt’s Service Cloud Specialist superbadge, cert maintenance, and Service Cloud Consultant practice test earned him the most points for the day.
  • Like many other team members, Ryan focused on maintaining existing certs and completing a practice test for Service Cloud Consultant, his next certification exam.
  • To prepare for the Data Architecture exam, Scott finished four Focus on Force topic exams. 
  • After taking four topic exams and two practice tests, Tanya is ready to pass the Data Architecture exam. 

At the end of the day, we celebrated our achievements and growth with a team happy hour. The Growth Heroes team will continue to hone our skills and grow our craft, both in and out of Trailhead Days.